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Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
Don't settle for cheap imitations!
Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation services provide the best treatment for any injury associated with the soft tissues of the body (muscles, ligaments and bone). There is no-one else like Peak Performance. Take the first step to being pain free today!
You know when people are in pain through injury sustained in sport or daily activities, what this means is that they can’t do the things they love and enjoy. What people fail to realise is that in most cases there’s an underlying cause for this pain.

Well, what we can do, by using a tried and tested and proven assessment procedure (Performance Deficit Test), is identify the underlying causes to get you back doing the things you enjoy so you can live the life YOU deserve.

Advanced Analysis Software

We don't plug you into the mains, but we do use the latest analysis software to extract meaningful data to understand your injury. This means we're not wasting your time in during the rehabilitation process.

Evidence-Based Treatments

We use the best available evidence, our own clinical expertise and your input to inform our decision making process. This is true evidenced-based practice.

Expert Therapists

All our all massage therapists, sports therapists and physiotherapists are minimum Degree qualified, and have at least 2 years clinic experience; don't settle for anything less than an expert.
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