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Be Better Informed About Your Injury Today...

In a moment you’ll discover how you can become pain-free…using a tried and tested and proven system that will keep you doing the things you love and enjoy.

But first, I need to know…

  • Have you ever been frustrated not being able to figure out what's causing your pain?
  • You know something is wrong but you can’t figure it out?
  • Maybe you're a coach or Personal Trainer - have you wondered why your clients or athletes get repeated niggles and injuries? 
  • How valuable would it be to you if you could identify injury risks and eliminate them?                                             
Because the PDT™ is like no other injury assessment you've ever seen before
It’s not just a collection of meaningless numbers...

No, you’re going to be empowered with the knowledge of exactly how to re-programme your body; and along with our guidance and expertise progress to a pain-free you.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to know more. I know how frustrating it can be to have to sift through all of the information out there and decide what rehabilitation exercises work and which don’t.

It’s confusing and almost always leads to less than optimal rehab programmes and people left in pain and discomfort. But it’s not your fault. And I know because I was there just like you – and it’s not your fault when all you’ve been given is a bunch of generic and non-specific rehab drills and exercises with no real structure.

So if you’re ready to start understanding what's causing your pain or injury – then you’re going to love the Performance Deficit Test™ (PDT™). And that’s exactly what you’re going to be able to do after you complete this assessment…our step-by-step informed system for complete pain and injury recovery.

In short, our client's and members who've been through the PDT™ assessment are not only in control of their pain or injury...they are able to keep themselves this way leading to improved physical performance. If you’re interested in getting assessed, then I have something just for you…
  Be Better Informed About Your Injury Today...
The Performance Deficit Test™ (PDT™): for active people who want to remain pain-free

The Performance Deficit Test™ (PDT™) empowers you to improve muscular deficits and asymmetries. We’ve designed the PDT™ to give and your health professional useful hands-on information. This means you can use this information immediately together with us or in your own programming.

First, we assess the foundational concepts of human movement. We all need to know this and have a minimum level of ability. If you need it we assess it in the PDT™.

Secondly, we highlight muscular imbalances and asymmetries which can be a result of a previous injury, or a compensation from an existing one.

Once the data is collected, we work together and coach you (or your Personal Trainer or Therapist) exactly how to apply this information to create a targeted rehabilitation programme. 

You’ll quickly learn a system for improving your physical function that translates to you becoming pain and injury-free.

No other assessment procedure has that focus. I can tell you that because if there was, I would have taken it myself.

A little backstory: how we developed the Performance Deficit Test™, and why. The PDT™ is actually born of a need I’ve learned from over 10 years involved in elite and professional sport and over 10 years providing injury rehabilitation…and from being a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

You see, during my time as a professional and International rugby union player there has been an explosion of information on injury risk profiling, joint pain and rehabilitation. And with this growth of information, much of it from people who’ve never actually had exposure to elite-level sport, has come confusion from health professionals as to what is actually proven and valuable when it comes to improving their patients' musculoskeletal health.

So I set out to find a solution to this specific problem: how to ensure that people can find out about their risk of injury to their joints, and that they could not only know where to find information on injury risk they could trust, but also know that they could apply that information effectively.

That’s why I wanted to develop the PDT™.

I want to help active people and health professional know that they are not just cobbling together random data and concepts in hopes of improving a condition – I want people to be empowered and informed by using a tried, tested and proven system to deliver results that they want and deserve .

The Performance Deficit Test™ is a massive step in that direction.
How Does It Work?
  Step 1: Get Assessed
The Performance Deficit Test™ usually takes no longer than 45 minutes. Once completed a detailed report of the findings is generated.

The assessment is suitable for all, and the information it provides will equip you with valuable information about your risk of injury that no other assessment can give you.
PDT Test Results & Report
  Step 2: Assess The Findings
Upon completion of the PDT you will receive a personalised corrective exercise programme, devised using our clinical expertise and best available scientific evidence. 
  Step 3: Start Your Rehab     
Your rehab programme is designed to specifically target deficits and imbalances highlighted in your PDT assessment report.

This means you'll be in total control of your bodies weaknesses and limitations so you're able to recover faster, reduce the risk of injury and perform at your very best, all of the time.
  Be Better Informed About Your Injury Today...
"Pain-free After Just 1 Week!"
Graham Lloyd
"I Can Move With No Pain"
Kailash Mistry
"Totally Unique Approach :)"
John Fox
About the Creator
Strength & Conditioning Coach and Injury Rehab specialist Spencer Brown is highly respected as one of the top human movement specialists in the UK. He has spent much of this time teaching the principles and practice of Strength & Conditioning, performance training and functional movement to Fitness Industry and health professionals all over the UK. Spencer has also dedicated countless hours mentoring up-and-coming sports performance trainers, many who have gone into the profession and made a big impact themselves.

Since 2003, Spencer has taught foundation movement to beginning youngsters and helped young amateur athletes to professional athletes become quicker, faster and stronger whilst reducing their risk of injury. Spencer’s entire philosophy is based off one of his most notable quotes, 'the ability to master human movements correctly from the start is the foundation for athletic success.'

With the release of the ground breaking Performance Deficit Test (PDT) in 2008, Spencer revolutionised the way health professionals approached musculoskeletal injury risk and subsequent treatment.

According to Spencer,

'Fundamental movements done correctly is about making sure we marry the natural movements people have with effective and efficient body control to maximize performance and reduce injury'.  
  Be Better Informed About Your Injury Today...
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