Ground-breaking technology that can instantly reveal what the naked eye can’t. How much force is a runner putting on one leg in comparison to the other? How unstable is the knee that recently underwent surgery? How much is a runner at risk of getting injured?
  How ViMove Works
  • ViMove’s sensors can be used on a range of anatomical locations
  • sensors adhere to the skin using low irritant, disposable adhesive pads
  • sensors send a stream of data to a tiny Recording and Feedback Device (RFD)
  • software is able to analyse a live feed of information
  • data used to do quick in-clinic assessments as well as providing immediate visual feedback
Assess High-Risk Movements With Hard Data, Not Hunches.
  Running Gait Analysis

The ViMove technology allows Peak Performance to measure aspects of your running dynamics that until now have been restricted to the laboratory.

We are now able to assess running dynamics such as, ground reaction force, ground contact time, acceleration and deceleration during the stride and cadence, this information is supplied from each leg so we can understand your balance and symmetry of movement.

What's Measured:

Leg Symmetry, Average Ground Reaction Force (L&R Leg), Average Initial Peak Acceleration, Average Ground Contact Time (L&R Leg), Average Steps Per Minute, Total Distance, Average Speed, Time, Outdoor Assessment for Up to 24 Hours

It's Time To Run To Your Potential...
  Knee Assessment

The ViMove technology allows Peak Performance to assess and quantify the action of the knee joint during hopping and the single leg squat, this allows a deeper understanding of knee dysfunctions during daily activities and running performance.

This information is vital in understanding the stability of the knee. Once we understand your vertical displacement we can simulate your footfall and fully understand the reaction of the knee during your running stride. This is information is vital in ensuring efficient movement and the reduction of injury.

What's Measured:

Tibial Inclination, Valgus and Varus Range of Movement, Valgus and Varus Speed

It's Time To End Knee Pain For Good...
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